Action & Arcade Games

Restore Atlantis to its former glory!

Jewel Legends: Atlantis

Defeat the menacing Klepto Rats!

The Rainbow Machine

Follow the path of Hercules and become the hero of Ancient Greece!

The Path of Hercules

Command an epic band of dwarven mercenaries!

300 Dwarves

This is no Wimbledon!

Tennis in the Face

Give the people a burst of energy!

Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost

Satisfy your never-ending hunger!

Plight of the Zombie

Countless king's bounties!

Royal Gems

Take a beautiful dream journey!

Sleepwalker's Journey

Help save these cute little pets from the cruel wizard!


Explore your magical abilities to reach the top of twisted tower!

Tripp's Adventures

Return to the amazing story of Forrest Gump in this all new slot adventure!

Reel Deal Epic Slot: Forrest Gump