Match 3 Games

Win match 3 battles and free your village!

Huntress: The Cursed Village

Restore peace to the kingdoms in this match 3 adventure!

Allura: The Three Realms

Help restore the Dwarfs homeland in this Match 3 Adventure

Rune Stones Quest 3

Fight an ancient threat in this match 3 adventure!

The Enthralling Realms: Knights & Orcs

Complete puzzles and the Pharaoh’s Tomb!

Ancient Wonders: Pharaoh's Tomb

Quest for the Ceremonial Kila in this fun, engaging Match 3

Angkor: Celebrations

A match 3 quest to defeat the evil Malefisto!

Ezaron Chronicles

A superb match-3 with popular characters from Peter Pan!

Neverland Treasure

Help Emperor Omadan build a ski resort.

Imperial Island 5: Ski Resort

Dive into summer with this incredible set of puzzles!

Season Marbles: Summer

Rebuild a once great city in this challenging match 3 game!

Tales of Rome: Grand Empire