New games

Restore the balance in this thrilling strategy game!

Fables of the Kingdom III Collector's Edition

Your forbidden love is cursed...

Immortal Love: Bitter Awakening

A paranormal adventure into a family’s dark past.

Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows

200 fun levels that players of all ages will enjoy!

Magic Wings

A bizarre disease plagues New York City!

New York Mysteries: The Outbreak

Campsite development is back as Addie helps Bart out of a pickle.

Campgrounds III Collector's Edition

Familiar places become deadly traps.

Detectives United II: The Darkest Shrine

Join Tico in an unforgettable Solitaire adventure.

Rainforest Solitaire 2

Roman heroes set out to find the Rose of Amor.

Heroes of Rome: Dangerous Roads

Your favorite wizard is back with a match 3 adventure!

Spellarium 4