New games

The next hidden object adventures on mystery island!

Legacy: Witch Island 2

An uplifting hidden object adventure across Italy!

Travel To Italy

What haunts the spaces between?

Dreadful Tales: The Space Between

Snowed in with a game of Solitaire!

Jewel Match Solitaire: Winterscapes

Can you restore Law and Order in this crime drama?

Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Collector's Edition

Join the Argonauts and help them close Pandora's Box!

Argonauts Agency: Pandora's Box

Some gifts are more than they appear...

PuppetShow: Porcelain Smile Collector's Edition

Thrilling hidden object detective game!

Secret Investigations: Revelation

Help Ara to forge the legendary weapon and defeat Eondrir!

The Enthralling Realms: The Blacksmith's Revenge

Collect nature photos on a match-3 safari adventure!

Animal Drop Safari

Investigate kidnappings in the kingdom of Netherfall!

Queen's Quest V: Symphony of Death Collector's Edition